The Da Vià Luigi Srl company carries out its quality policy for the design and production of small metal and plastic parts by achieving the following objectives:

  • continuously improving customer satisfaction by maintaining the constant quality of its products, offering a rapid and precise service for the design and production of new items and providing pre and post-sales assistance;
  • guaranteeing the continuous control of the manufacturing processes and therefore ensuring the high quality of its products, through appropriate training and ever-greater involvement of the personnel employed by the company;
  • providing products that fully comply with customer requirements and mandatory regulations including using technological innovations;
  • ensuring the availability of items in the quantities and times required by the warehouse;
  • increasing staff competency through dedicated training programs;
  • informing and involving Da Vià Srl company’s suppliers in the improvement program;
  • guaranteeing the company’s economic and financial stability for future development.

The Company Da Vià Luigi Srl is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

Declaration of conformity
NSP security declaration
Approval ISO 9001:2015